LGPro Awards for Excellence

October 5, 2018

The LGPro Awards for Excellence promote and celebrate the outstanding work undertaken and delivered by individuals and teams working in Victorian Councils and they recently added a new category, Indigenous Community Partnership, to the 2019 awards.

Nominations close on 22nd October.

Indigenous Community Partnership Initiative

About this Award

This award recognises an initiative or program that has been implemented in conjunction with the Indigenous community through an effective of innovative approach that has contributed towards enriching a community or municipality. This could include, but is not limited to, initiatives of the following nature:

  • Professional development and education of Council staff and/or Indigenous community
  • Business and economic development
  • Leadership in the community
  • Recreation
  • Events
  • Governance and decision making
  • Environment and sustainability


Please note:  Only initiatives, projects or programs that have been implemented for either 12 months or a sufficient enough period beyond this timeframe enabling the demonstration of measurable outcomes and benefits to the community can be nominated. Nominations will not be accepted for those in the planning phase.

Award Criteria

The key criteria that will be considered in judging this category are:

  • Clear description of approach adopted
  • Innovativeness or effectiveness of the initiative
  • Evidence demonstrating how the successful approach was adopted
  • Transferability of the approach
  • Clarity of outcomes within the organisation and the community/municipality
  • Benefits to the organisation, Indigenous community and the broader community/municipality


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