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For information about formally Recognised Traditional Owners visit Aboriginal Victoria’s interactive map and search the Local Government Area name [e.g. LGA: Ballarat] or a street address. You can also refer to Aboriginal Victoria’s Welcomes and Acknowledgements Protocol.

Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owner Corporation

4/48 Edgar Street, Heywood
Ph: 03 55271427

Winda-Mara Aboriginal Corporation
Ph: 03 55272051

Dhauwurd-Wurrung Elderly and Community Health Service Inc
18 Wellington Road, Portland
Ph: 03 5521 7547

Local Aboriginal Network (LAN) Broker | Barwon South West
Sandra Bell | 03 5527 0056 |


Glenelg 2 copy

Professor Pat Dodson addresses Glenelg’s annual National Reconciliation Week luncheon, 2013.


Glenelg Aboriginal Community Profile (includes Aboriginal organisations)

Key Documents / Links


Denis Rose of Gunditj Mirring Corporation taking tour of Budj Bim cultural site

Denis Rose of Gunditj Mirring Corporation taking tour of Budj Bim cultural site

Good Practice

The Shire of Glenelg reported the following good practices in their response to the 2012 Victorian Local Government Aboriginal Engagement and Reconciliation Survey and subsequent updates.

  • Flies the Aboriginal Flag permanently, outside/above Town Hall and at all Council sites
  • Engages with Traditional Owners
  • Acknowledges Country
  • Uses Aboriginal language to name projects or places
  • Has an Aboriginal Advisory Committee or similar structure
  • Engages with local Aboriginal organisations
  • Engages with Local Indigenous Networks
  • Engages with the Local Reconciliation Group
  • Employs Aboriginal staff
  • Employs a part time Aboriginal Liaison Officer
  • Provides cross cultural awareness training to staff and/or Councilors
  • Includes Aboriginal specific commitments in Council strategic documents
  • Has a Reconciliation Action Plan
  • Provides Aboriginal specific funding
  • Provides support for Aboriginal arts and culture
  • Has facilitated use of Aboriginal language to name sites.
  • Supports or organises events that celebrate Aboriginal culture
  • Has worked with RAP to protect local significant sites.
  • Has worked with RAP to build greater community awareness.
  • Library has Aboriginal specific programs
  • Runs Aboriginal specific youth programs
  • Works with local agencies to support Aboriginal young people
  • Supports local Aboriginal economic development
  • Procures goods and services from Aboriginal businesses

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glenelg shire council logo



71 Cliff Street, PORTLAND 3305
PO Box 152, PORTLAND 3305
Tel: 03 5522 2200



Julie Dreschler
Community Wellbeing Manager
T: 03 5522 2550
M: 0447 902 272

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