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Key Aboriginal organisations


For information about formally Recognised Traditional Owners visit Aboriginal Victoria’s interactive map and search the Local Government Area name [e.g. LGA: Ballarat] or a street address. You can also refer to Aboriginal Victoria’s Welcomes and Acknowledgements Protocol.


Barengi Gadjin Land Council Aboriginal Corporation
142 Firebrace St, Horsham, Vic 3400
Phone: (03) 5381 0977

Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owner Corporation
4/48 Edgar Street, Heywood VIC 3304
Ph: 03 5527 1427
E: reception@gunditjmirring.com

Local Aboriginal Network (LAN) Broker | Grampians
Larry Kanoa | 03 5327 2819 | larry.kanoa@dpc.vic.gov.au


West Wimmera Aboriginal Community Profile (includes Aboriginal organisations)

Please note that the information contained within the Aboriginal Community Profile was gathered in 2014. It is now out of date. A refresh of this data is currently being undertaken and the updated results will be available soon. 

Key Documents / Links

Good Practice

The West Wimmera Shire Council reported the following good practices in their response to the 2012 Victorian Local Government Aboriginal Engagement and Reconciliation Survey and subsequent updates.

  • Flies the Aboriginal flag on special occasions
  • Displays artworks in Council premises
  • Displaying artworks in public places
  • Supports local artists or performers
  • Has a documented Aboriginal history of the municipality
  • Has facilitated use of Aboriginal language to name sites.
  • Includes Aboriginal content in whole of community events
  • Organises NAIDOC activities and Reconciliation Week activities
  • Has worked with RAP to protect local significant sites.
  • Has worked with RAP to build greater community awareness.
  • Is involved in local Aboriginal tourism

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west wimmera

west wimmera


49 Elizabeth Street, EDENHOPE 3318
PO Box 201, EDENHOPE 3318
Tel: 03 5585 9900
Fax: 03 5585 9950
E: council@westwimmera.vic.gov.au



Venkat Peteti
General Manager Corporate and Community Services
Tel: 03 5392 7702
E: gmccs@westwimmera.vic.gov.au


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