Key Aboriginal organisations


For information about formally Recognised Traditional Owners visit Aboriginal Victoria’s interactive map and search the Local Government Area name [e.g. LGA: Ballarat] or a street address. You can also refer to Aboriginal Victoria’s Welcomes and Acknowledgements Protocol.

Burraja Indigenous Cultural and Environmental Discovery Centre

Ph: 02 6059 0207
E: darren.moffitt@rdv.vic.gov.au

Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation
21 Hovell Street Wodonga Vic 3690
Ph: 02 6024 7599
E: reception@mungabareena.com

Wodonga Aboriginal Network
111 – 113 Hume Street (PO Box 1332) Wodonga Vic 3690
Ph: 02 6059 0207
E: darren.moffitt@rdv.vic.gov.au

Local Aboriginal Network (LAN) Broker | Hume
Darren Moffitt | 02 6059 0207| darren.moffitt@dpc.vic.gov.au

Wodonga Aboriginal Community Profile (includes Aboriginal organisations)

Key Documents / Links

Wodonga Aboriginal Reconciliation Action Plan 2016-2019

Good Practice

The Wodonga Shire Council reported the following good practices in their response to the 2012 Victorian Local Government Aboriginal Engagement and Reconciliation Survey and subsequent updates.

  • Flies the Aboriginal flag permanently above the Town Hall
  • Engages with Traditional Owners
  • Acknowledges Country
  • Arranges Welcome to Country
  • Uses Aboriginal language to name projects or places
  • Engages with local Aboriginal organisations
  • Engages with Local Indigenous Networks
  • Employs a part time Aboriginal Liaison Officer
  • Collects data on employee Indigenous identity
  • Provides cross cultural awareness training for staff and/or Councillors
  • Includes Indigenous specific commitments in Council strategic documents
  • Has an Aboriginal engagement/consultation policy
  • Provides Indigenous specific funding
  • Displays artworks in Council premises
  • Supports local artists or performers
  • Provides support for Aboriginal art and culture
  • Has facilitated use of Aboriginal language to name sites
  • Has a documented Aboriginal history of the municipality
  • Has facilitated the use of Aboriginal language to name sites
  • Supports or organises events that celebrate Aboriginal culture
  • Organises NAIDOC activities and Reconciliation Week activities
  • Has worked with RAP to protect local significant sites
  • Has worked with RAP to build greater community awareness
  • Library has Indigenous specific programs
  • Provides Aboriginal specific maternal and child health responses
  • Has Aboriginal-specific HACC services
  • Provides Aboriginal specific maternal and child health responses
  • Involves Aboriginal young people in programs
  • Works with local agencies to support Aboriginal young people
  • Procures goods and services from Aboriginal businesses
  • Is involved in local Aboriginal tourism

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104 Hovell Street, WODONGA 3690
PO Box 923, WODONGA 3689
Tel: 02 6022 9300
Fax: 02 6022 9322
E: info@wodonga.vic.gov.au



Debra Mudra
Director Community Development
M: 0419 521 511
E: dmudra@wodonga.vic.gov.au


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