Maggolee annual update

Geelong Maggolee Workshop
March 27, 2019


Maggolee Update

‘Here in this place’ (Woi wurrung)

Reconciliation Victoria’s Maggolee resource continues to support Local Governments and Aboriginal communities working together.

Maggolee Support Grows

Usage of the Maggolee website continues to grow amongst Councils and the wider community.

Reconciliation Victoria continues to receive ongoing positive feedback around the usefulness and applicability of the website, not only for local councils but for schools, community organisations and other place-based activities and service providers.

Between July 2018 – August 2019, Maggolee was a critically important platform for promoting Local Treaty Conversations hosted by local governments with support from Reconciliation Victoria – Banyule, Darebin, Knox, Moreland, Hume and Port Phillip.

Since July 2019, Maggolee workshops have been delivered to 41 Local Councils across the following Local Government areas:

Mornington Peninsula (South East Victoria)
Moreland (Inner Melbourne Metro)
Macedon Ranges (North Western Victoria)
Shepparton (North East Victoria)
Geelong West (South Western Victoria)

The popularity of the Maggolee workshops continues to grow amongst Councils and other community services and between 2018-2019 workshop attendance numbers grew dramatically, placing significant pressures on Reconciliation Victoria’s limited resources.

Despite these challenges, Reconciliation Victoria is pleased to see the interest in Maggolee and the workshops growing beyond the Council space and branching out to services such as Art Centres, Employment and Training organisations, Health Services, Aboriginal Gathering Places and Justice Services.

The reason, according to workshop feedback, is these organisations see Maggolee and the workshops as being highly beneficial for supporting their organisation’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) commitments and outcomes.

Some feedback received from the Maggolee workshop held in Geelong West (Aug 2019):

“I learnt a lot about RAPs and how to develop a RAP that’s meaningful for everyone”.

“I feel empowered to move forward and visibly lead opportunities for reconciliation and will use Maggolee resources for staff and community in the future”.

“I learnt about the importance of having a 1 stop shop like the Maggolee website to provide valid and factual info”.

“The workshops help you better understand the value of building relationships and I will now look at Maggolee to see what resources are available to equip the workforce to come on the RAP journey”.

Motivated by this feedback, Reconciliation Victoria seeks to continue to grow and develop Maggolee further in 2020. With plans to introduce important new resources such as material relating to Stolen Generations, Place Naming and Victorian Treaty developments (pending funding).

Reconciliation Victoria is also committed to ensuring an appropriate cultural lens is always placed across Maggolee content and this means potential new improvements in the design and layout of Maggolee in the year ahead.

A survey conducted with Local Government users in August 2019 revealed there is plenty of appetite for visually appealing resources to be added to Maggolee such as videos, podcasts, infographs, statistics, flow charts and templates.

The overall feedback for the Maggolee website was positive and echoed the feedback we have received to date through individual conversations and workshop discussions. Survey respondents also provided useful suggestions for information to include on the website that would further improve the website and support councils in engaging with Aboriginal communities.

Almost half of survey respondents found the Maggolee content itself very useful, with a total of 92% reporting the content was very or somewhat useful.

The survey also offered valuable insights on the sort of content Local Council’s predominantly access Maggolee for, reasons include:

  • To find Traditional owner information
  • To gain contact details for local Aboriginal organisations
  • To conduct research
  • To review information being shared about my council
  • To support RAP developments
  • To find contact information and resources
  • To share information with my colleagues
  • To find contact details for other LG council contacts
  • To develop new ideas
  • To access Aboriginal employment information
  • To reference RAPs produced by other LGs
  • For Aboriginal economic participation information
  • To find Aboriginal community services
  • To learn more about Aboriginal engagement and partnership protocols
  • For information about Early years education


The Origins of Maggolee

Did you know Maggolee was launched back in October 2015 by Reconciliation Victoria in association with the State Government of Victoria, VLGA, MAV, LGPro and the Koorie Youth Council?

Thousands of people scroll through Maggolee’s pages, but don’t know the humble beginnings of Maggolee or the impetus for establishing the website. In fact, we often get questions about how Maggolee came to be.

The Maggolee online resource was developed in response to the findings of Reconciliation Victoria’s 2011 Action Research and 2012 Statewide Survey which identified access to information as a key barrier to Local Government action on Aboriginal engagement and reconciliation. The website was developed by Reconciliation Victoria with input from Local Government Victoria, Aboriginal Victoria, the Municipal Association of Victoria, the Victorian Local Governance Association, Local Government Professionals, the Koori Youth Council and with funding support from the Victorian Government.

Today the website continues to be managed by Reconciliation Victoria, with funding from the Victorian Government, and is a leading a resource to support local councils to work more closely with Aboriginal communities.

Maggolee provides a vast amount of information on Aboriginal policies and programs, protocols, cultural awareness, key contacts, local data, news and events.

It also contains information about each of the 79 Victorian local government areas and about the actions these councils take to build closer relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and to progress reconciliation.

Make sure your local government page is up to date

Reconciliation Victoria regularly shares, reviews and updates information, knowledge and resources on Maggolee.

However, the strength of Maggolee relies on your contributions of policies, programs and stories that can be shared with other councils. We value and welcome your contributions and support to keep Maggolee up-to-date.

So, if you have any stories, news, cultural advice, information, pictures, ideas or anything else you would like to share on Maggolee, let us know by emailing or submitting the Council Update Form (available to download on the Contact Us page).

And please share the Maggolee link with colleagues, friends, Aboriginal community partners and local government networks!




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