Marking January 26 respectfully

January 3, 2019

Reconciliation Victoria supports a continuing national conversation about shifting our national day from January 26.  Such a conversation would help us reflect on who are as a nation, what we stand for, and what date in our history best reflects those values and attributes. 

Read Reconciliation Victoria’s 26th January Position Statement

Reconciliation Victoria encourages local councils and organisations commemorating the day to recognise the honoured place of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in our nation’s history, to be sensitive to the feelings of Aboriginal people who may see the day as one of mourning, and to see the day as an opportunity to promote understanding, respect and reconciliation.

In December we wrote to the Mayors and CEOs of all of Victoria’s 79 councils encouraging them to carefully consider how they commemorated the day, urging them to consult with the local Aboriginal Community about how to appropriately mark the day.

There are some simple ways to mark 26th January respectfully, and acknowledge members of the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

Read Reconciliation Victoria’s Protocols and Suggestions for how to approach January 26 respectfully

Read our January eNews for information about local events commemorating Survival Day and follow us on Facebook for regular updates, news and commentary about the day.

Check out our Maggolee Jan 26 page for information on the approach some councils have taken to mark 26 January respectfully.

Read VLGA’s Media Release (15 Jan 2019): The Prime Minister weighs in on Citizenship Ceremonies

A useful article on the role of local councils in progressing the conversation on January 26: The culture war taking place in your own backyard: Local councils and the politics of Australia Day, ABC online, 23 Jan 2019

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