Commonwealth Aboriginal Affairs Policy

Under the National Indigenous Reform Agreement (NIRA), the Commonwealth, State and Territory governments have committed to working together to close the gap in outcomes between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Victorians.

In 2014, the Commonwealth consolidated its efforts, with the majority of Aboriginal specific program moved to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. Broad based programs available for Aboriginal Australians continue to be a responsibility of Commonwealth agencies.

A new Indigenous Advancement Strategy began on 1 July 2014 replacing more than 150 individual programmes and activities with five broad-based programmes.

Further details on Commonwealth Aboriginal affairs policy can be found at the links below:

Indigenous Affairs is a standing item at each meeting of the Council of Australian Governments. Latest COAG decisions can be found in the COAG Communique issued after each meeting.

A number of reports are released outlining national progress against the NIRA and related closing the gap commitments which can be found at the links below:


Last Updated: May 26, 2019 at 11:05 am

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