Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework 2018-2023 launched

October 10, 2018

The Victorian Government has just released its latest Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework (VAAF) 2018-2023

The VAAF provides an ambitious agenda for Aboriginal affairs and has two key purposes:

1. It is the Victorian Government’s overarching framework for working with Aboriginal Victorians, organisations and the wider community to drive action and improve outcomes.

2. It sets out whole of government self‑determination enablers and principles and commits government to significant structural and systemic transformation. 

The VAAF will set the direction for how government will ‘Plan’, ‘Act’, ‘Measure’ and ‘Evaluate’ to progress change across government, address inequity and deliver stronger outcomes for and with Aboriginal Victorians.

You can access and read the VAAF here

Aboriginal self‑determination underpinned the development of the VAAF and the Victorian Government’s aspirations to support the advancement of Aboriginal self-determination is being driven by 11 guiding principles of self-determination.

These principles are highlighted in the VAAF and include:






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