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The Maggolee website, developed by Reconciliation Victoria, supports engagement and partnerships between local government and Aboriginal communities.

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Culture and Country are central to First Peoples in Victoria. To quote the NAIDOC 2021 theme, “Country is family, kin, law, lore, ceremony, traditions and language. For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples it has been this way since the dawn of time.”

While council has a significant role to play in protecting Country by respecting cultural heritage, acknowledging the central role that Country plays in the lives of First Peoples can also create opportunities for economic development in your municipality. A First Peoples Cultural Tourism Strategy can help in protecting Country, supporting First Peoples-owned businesses and businesses in the wider community by attracting visitors, and goes a long way to acknowledging the deep links First Peoples have with all Country in Victoria.

Recommended Strategies

Case Studies

Hepburn Shire Council works closely with the Dja Dja Wurrung People to recognise their unique connection to Country in the municipality. During National Reconciliation Week 2020, council organised a unique On Country experience with Elders which allowed the wider community to better understand the history, culture and beauty of Dja Dja Wurrung Country. While originally planned as a bus tour, the COVID-19 pandemic meant that council created a series of three videos called ‘Peaks, Wetlands and Rivers’ in which Uncle Rick Nelson explains the significance of a number of sites across Dja Dja Wurrung Country. Hepburn Shire Council received the Highly Commended Award at the HART Awards 2021 for this project.

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Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council

Bullen Bullen Cultural Tours | Wurundjeri Woi wurrung Cultural Heritage Aboriginal Corporation

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