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The Maggolee website, developed by Reconciliation Victoria, supports engagement and partnerships between local government and Aboriginal communities.

Reconciliation Victoria defines meaningful reconciliation through five key interrelated dimensions which can be viewed here. These five dimensions were based on Reconciliation Australia’s State of Reconciliation in Australia Report but have been edited by Reconciliation Victoria to better reflect the unique context, histories and cultures of our state.

As the level of government that delivers services closest to the community, councils have a large role to play in achieving the second dimension - Equitable Outcomes. Councils have huge opportunities to work with the local First Peoples’ communities, identify key priorities and work in partnership to close the gap across a broad range of areas that council has responsibility for.

Why is this important?

Colonisation has led to disastrous outcomes for Victorian First Peoples in a wide range of areas and it is important for local governments to keep up to date with the latest information and strategies that can guide your work. Council can help improve the health, wellbeing and employment prospects for First Peoples. As major local purchasers, councils can also assist by procuring goods and services from the growing First Peoples-owned business sector. In addition to this, supporting cultural tourism opportunities in your municipality can have the benefits of supporting First Peoples economic development while also healing Country. All of these areas can be further strengthened by ensuring there is strong First Peoples leadership across all areas of council. 

Case Studies

The City of Melton is working to ensure equitable outcomes in a range of areas across their municipality. They have an Indigenous Employment Strategy to support their First Peoples staff and council works to establish programs that reduce the number of First Peoples children in out of home care. Their Reconciliation Advisory Committee includes representatives from local First Peoples-controlled community organisations in areas like health and justice. In addition to this, Wiradjuri woman Cr Ashleigh Vandenburg was elected at the 2020 elections, becoming the first Aboriginal Councillor at the City of Melton. 

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