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Treaty will be the most significant step towards self-determination ever taken in Victoria. First Peoples have long called for Treaty but for many in the wider community the idea of Treaty may still be a cause for confusion. Quite simply, a treaty is an agreement between parties. 

As the level of government closest to grassroots community, councils will have a role to play in Treaty. It is important to note that we do not yet know what Treaty will look like. The development of a Treaty framework by the First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria is bla(c)k business. The most important thing your council can do now is to stay up to date on the Victorian Treaty process and work to demystify the Treaty process in your local community. 

Recommended Strategies

  • Pass council motions supporting the aspiration of Treaty in Victoria.
  • Invite the local First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria member to provide an update to councillors and staff.
  • Host events that provide the wider community with information about the Treaty process.
  • Include information about the Treaty process on your website and in local libraries.
  • Include information for the local First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria members on council’s website. 
  • Actively allow council facilities to be used by local First Peoples for community meetings and to talk Treaty. 

First Peoples' assembly of victoria

The First People's Assembly of Victoria are the driving force behind Victoria's pathway to Treaty and have published useful resources on the Treaty Journey.

Learn more about the Treaty Negotiation Framework in this presentation with with Member for the Metropolitan region, Gunditjmara man Rueben Berg.

Watch the Treaty Framework Presentation

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